Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Personal Mission

Personal Mission
The person I seek to be is and always will be the sum of my intentions as they are aligned with my actions. My mission is to reflect upon my intentions, identify them explicitly then dutifully be guided by their light.

I intend:
  • To walk away from every situation or challenge knowing that I put my best self, at that moment and circumstance, into it.
  • To face and know fear in the moment, understand it and use it to make myself better - as a human, in performance, in relationships.
  • To push my comfort zone and be reflective enough to know when I need another push (or less).
  • To be self-aware and coach myself through my mental challenges and failures.
  • To be my authentic self and always challenge the continual discovery of who that really is
  • To be strong and offer my strength to others
  • To offer encouragement and respect and the tools of my success and failures generously to others.
  • To be honest and direct, while kind.
  • To laugh, to give laughter to others, and always maintain my sense of humor
  • To seek compassionate and empathetic understanding.
  • To seek wisdom in my marriage and friendships
  • To embrace and thoroughly savor everyday magic and beauty.
  • To be curious.
And I intend to update this mission statement as life and time guide me. Because a mission evolves with age and environment and without flexibility missions become irrelevant.
Last updated 3/11/2014

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